Ein paar Eindrücke von tapferen Fahrern mit Eiern aus Stahl der vergangenen RedBull-Seifenkistenrennen aus dem Jahr 2016 und 2016.

„Entertaining huge audiences worldwide. To become a true great in this ultimate challenge of creativity, showmanship and bravery, there is one essential ingredient all teams must possess—and that is a bold and brave driver. These 6 greatest moments are dedicated to the fast and fearless teams, where the hero behind the wheel showed scant regard for personal preservation, driving with the fun, the freedom and recklessness to get to the finish line in the quickest time possible.“

00:00 Introducing Red Bull Soapbox
01:10 Los Simpson – Santiago 2016
02:36 Super Rêves De Gosse
04:08 Snafu Squad – Atlanta 2015
05:30 Team Powerarea – Holland 2017
07:02 Crazy Coffin – Cork 2016
08:17 Mergelvreters – Holland 2015