Ich finde es generell ziemlich verrückt in Großstädten Fahrrad zu fahren und umso verrückter empfinde ich dann natürlich solche Szenen von einem Fahrradkurier in New York. Was mich aber fast öhnmächtig werden lässt, ist, dass das Fahrrad von Cooper Ray im Video keine Bremsen hat. Er sagt, man fährt dadurch achtsamer. Ja, da bin ich mir sicher.

„Meet Cooper Ray the cyclist in this video and Terry Barentsen the camera man riding behind him.

Now you might think this was filmed as a once off, for some kind of stunt, movie or commercial, but in actual fact Terry is a freelance cinematographer based in New York, and often films Cooper, himself or various other people, riding around new York City for his Youtube channel.

What makes Cooper’s riding style even more amazing, is he does not have any gears or brakes on his bike.

When it comes to braking, I’ve seen Cooper jump off the bike and slow down on foot, also I have seen him use his foot on the back wheel like a brake, but otherwise he just keeps riding.

Also the bike Cooper is riding is a track bike made for racing at a velodrome, it is a fixed gear bike with no brakes and no freewheel. Which means the rear wheel drives the pedals, so as long as the bike is moving the pedals are turning.

To all those who think this form of riding is reckless and dangerous, I agree, but that does not change the fact people all over the world ride like this every day, Terry just wanted to say “everyone crashes from time to time, even with brakes, we believe staying focused and aware of your surroundings is the best way to stay safe and having no brakes forces you to be in the present. These videos aren’t made to encourage bad cycling, so please ride at your own risk and skill level. „